Wiser Search

€14,95 / mensuel
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  • Make sure that your products always get found in your online store
  • Superfast search results while your visitors are typing
  • Know what your visitors are searching for with the Wiser Search statistics



"Increase your conversion and customersatisfaction by show only relevant search results"

About Wiser Search?

The potential buyers that are visiting your site will be using your search engine a lot. Did you know that these people who use the site search engine are more likely to become buyers? That’s why your site search is so important. Your search functionality improves with Wisers Search which increases the chance on sales.


How does it work?
Wiser Seach is a lightning-fast search plugin for your e-commerce website / webshop. Installing this app in your Lightspeed webshop gives you the possibility to give back superfast and clear searchresults to your customers. Wiser Search finds products and contentpages throughout your webshop. Your customer scan filter these searchresults instantly and thereby get that one product they are looking for. Fast.


Wiser Search will boost your shop’s conversion rate because customers get relevant results sooner. The number of products or content pages have no effect on the speed. Wiser Search is an innovative solution. With Wiser Search Statistics you easily track what your customers are searching for on your store.


Installing the app is simple. Scripts are added to Lightspeed fully automated and all products and content is indexed immediately. Your own settings module gives you full control and makes it easy to manage searching, sorting and filtering.


See an example of Wiser Search.


Extra features Wiser Search

  • Super fast searching, response times of < 10ms.
  • Show results while your typing, intelligent filters
  • Wiser Search increases your customer satisfaction
  • Search in products and text pages
  • A beautiful searchlayer is shown when a visitor searches on your site
  • Searchwords statistics
  • Option to don't show product with 0 price
  • Typo corrector
  • Style the searchwidget in your own style with CSS (CSS knowledge required)
  • Easy to install and implement
  • Wiser Search increases conversion on your store



Wiser Search licenses begin at € 14,95 per month.

A license is based on the amount of items you have in your webshop, below you will find an overview of the license fees per plan


Number of itemsLicense fees per month
0-1000 € 14,95 (only support by email)
1000-2500 € 29,95
2500-5000 € 39,95
5000-10000 € 49,95
10000-15000 € 112,50
15000-25000 € 150,00


Contact and support
Want to find out about all possibilities of the Wiser Search app? Call or mail us.


Phone: +31 (0)85 - 484 58 29
E-mail: [email protected]