WISEPIM - Product Informatie Management & Content Verrijking

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  • Connect Lightspeed eCom with our new PIM for Enterprises (small - medium sized firms as well).
  • Easily Import, Synchronize, manage and enrich all your product data for Lightspeed eCom.
  • Online PIM Portal for easy product data management and integration with suppliers and webshops.
  • Open API & completely build as  a E-Service Bus (flexible product data integration platform)



"Easily Import, Synchronize, manage and enrich all your product data for Lightspeed eCom"

For questions, call us on: +31 (0)53 3690 014 
(10:00-17:30 | Monday - Friday)



Please note WISEPIM is not compatible with Lightspeed Retail (omni)

Benefit 1: Full control over your individual product data for Lightspeed eCom

If you run a complex shop and want to have more control over your own data, don't wait any longer and start using WISEPIM!
WISEPIM easily synchronizes all your product data to the PIM system where you can add new products or manage your own data.
Save time to go through and maintain your product data, employees no longer have to log in to Lightspeed eCom, but can focus on your product data. WISEPIM is a perfect system for your Purchasing & Sales function for entering product data.



Inline editing and comparison of multiple products (saves time!)


Advantage 2: Powerful (bulk) Text Editing tools

  • View & edit products in a well-arranged catalog or inline product rules.
  • Open and edit products in Tabs side by side.
  • Deep Learning and suggestion of keywords based on product images (on request).
  • Data Feed management.
  • Your own product data backup.
  • Create new products and easily synchronize them Lightspeed eCom.
  • Possibility to connect to other systems such as Magento 1 & 2, CCV shop and future platforms!


Available packages: 

Amount of productsAantal datasourcesPrice per monthBilling period
WISEPIM-Lightspeed Shop | Mini package 25 products 1 and 1 platform €25 1 month
WISEPIM-Lightspeed Shop | Micro package 100 products 1 and 1 platform €99 1 month
WISEPIM-Lightspeed Shop | Startup package 1000 products 2 and 1 platform €150 (€200) promotion 1 month
WISEPIM-Lightspeed Shop | E-com package 2500 products 3 and 1 platform €250 1 month
WISEPIM-Lightspeed Shop | Enterprise package 5000 products 5 and 1 platform €450 1 month
WISEPIM-Lightspeed Shop | Multi Omni package 10.000-15.000 products 10 and 3 platformen Ask quote 1 month


Advantage 3: Central Hub for suppliers (add your own data sources!)

  • From € 450 per month.
  • Manage your own product data sources / datafeeds.
  • Max 25,000 products (more products on request!).
  • 1 integration setup and advice (send us a data set csv, excel, xml).
  • Synchronize your data sources with your web store..



Comparison of multiple products in TABs (Saves time!)


Read this instruction first before installing:

  • In this BETA release, we recommend that you install the app in a shop under construction or in a test environment.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Turn off sync product categories if your products have more than one main or category!
  • The first time after installation you can press import products to WISEPIM under ""More options"".
  • Synchronization from and after the WISEPIM platform takes approximately one hour. This will be faster in the future.
  • Products are automatically synchronized to your own data source in WISEPIM.
  • After import you can start editing your products in WISEPIM. Your products will become available in your personal product feed 
    and only your personal data feed is synced back to Lightspeed.
    This way you will keep both a full catalog AND your edited catalog suitable for publication and further distribution.


Testers wanted
We are still looking for testers who want to help test the platform and provide feedback.


Optimized flow from and to Lightspeed

WISEPIM has been developed to go back to basics, fast product editing & accessibility.
A pragmatic method has been devised from scientific research.


Complex data analysis.

The architecture was built from the ground up to last for years. This makes WISEPIM focused on simplicity by its well-arranged UI as opposed to PIM systems with a complex UI. Webshop importer has years of experience with systems such as Magento, Lightspeed and CCV shop and ERP systems such as PIMCORE and Dynamics. Based on this knowledge, the WISEPIM system has been developed to offer an easy system for the Omni-channel oriented
webshop owner.

1 - Learning

Specifications can be supplemented with ICECAT or analyzed data available online. We have developed an 'engine' that can expand specifications itself. 

This engine will be further developed and is available on request. Contextual Deep learning AI provides keyword suggestions. WISEPIM is created to be intuitive for all users and to be a self-explaining learning platform.

See: https://www.webshopimporter.com/en/deep-learning/ for more information

2 - Monitoring

Monitor your own product data or create applications on top of WISEPIM through our open API platform. You can manage your own data in a well-arranged task manager. Thanks to the simple catalog display you can also quickly view data of your entire product range!


See: https://www.webshopimporter.com/en/data-source-creation/ for more information


3 - Reporting

Data can be monitored and extended through external applications. We built AI on top of our platform and connected WISEPIM with webshopimporter.com

See: https://www.webshopimporter.com/en/wisepim-market-place/ for more information


deep learning
 Conceptual tags thought Deep Image AI Learning (Helps in Categorisation)


Advantage 4: Directly connected to an ecosystem of suppliers.



Suppliers and Shops can grow easily with advanced data importing features.

Integrate your own datafeed and create import en export tasks

wisepim tasks
Import your own product data and sync directly with Lightspeed or other e-commerce platforms.

Create your own attribute model

wisepim tasks

Create your own attribute model and sync with Lightspeed.


Expand your own data with (dropshipping) suppliers. WISEPIM integrates completely with webshopimporter.com

Webshopimporter.com daily synchronizes your chosen products from your wholesaler. Unlike a one-off import, your products are always kept up to date. Thanks to the handy graphic interface you can compile your own product range. Our connnector offers a very flexible option for adding margins. If you want to add descriptions or fields yourself, your unique description will be included. This way you can create your own unique product descriptions (or not). Of course, stocks remain neatly synchronized.


Our import solution daily synchronizes your supplier’s product data. In contrast to a single import your products will be always kept up to date. Thanks to a clear and intuitive graphical interface you can easily create your unique product catalog. Easily define profit margins on the selected data that needs to be synchronized with your Lightspeed shop. Import standard product data or override standard text fields with your own unique title, descriptions. You can also define what vidaXL data to sync or not for maximum flexibility and an optimized business process. 


Webshopimporter platform benefits:

  • Easy automated product synchronization;
  • Automatic creation of product variants on products;
  • Automated stocks and prices updates;
  • Graphical interface for easy mapping of supplier categories to your shop;
  • Define your own price margins on categories. 


General information about WISEPIM


About Webshopimporter

This connector is powered by Webshopimporter. Webshopimporter has over 8 years of experience with the import of supplier data to e-ecommerce systems like Lightspeed e-com. Our goal is to automate syncing of supplier data to your webshop in the most easiest way. 


For questions, custom project and support please  mail us at [email protected]