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Why WebwinkelKeur?
The WebwinkelKeur foundation combines a seal of approval with a complete customer experience system. The customer experience system can be integrated fully with your webshop, this makes us unique. This way you can increase the conversion of your webshop. If you want to apply your webshop at the WebwinkelKeur Foundation, please see click here for more information. After submission, you will go through a screening process executed by the WebwinkelKeur Foundation.


The App


The app provides automatic integration of the WebwinkelKeur Sidebar (see image below) within your webshop. This way it is possible to read as well as collect customer feedback in your webshop. The app also sends automatic invitations for sharing their experience (after a purchase). 


It is possible to invite all of your past customers automatically to share their customer experience. This way all your future customers will also get an invitation and your page will be filled quickly with customer reviews.


For an account with WebwinkelKeur you only pay €10 - a month. For the PLUS membership, you pay €15 a month.


Important: If your membership is not approved by the WebwinkelKeur Foundation you will not be able to use this app. For this reason, it is important to sign up first via https://www.webwinkelkeur.nl/webwinkel/aanmelden/ and install the app after approval has been given.



  •          Automatic placing of the Javascript integration and sidebar.
  •          Automatic invitation of customers after purchase (integration with API) (only for PLUS members)
  •          Manual invitation for old customers


For more information about this app please go to click here