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  • Add a voice controlled search to your webshop

  • Make your webshop smarter by adding synonyms

  • Make your webshop smarter with custom commands


    "Research shows that 26% of consumers who own voice devices use these for online purchases. Voice search is on average 3.7x faster than typing."


    Why Voice Search?

    With Voice Search you make it even easier for your customers to search your webshop. Searching with your voice is gaining popularity and is being used by an increasingly wider audience. The expectation is that this new way of shopping will have a major impact on the eCommerce in the coming years. Jump in on this trend by adding a voice search function to your webshop yourself.


    How does it work?

    To use the Voice Search app, you only need to activate the app. The app adds a microphone button to the standard search function in your webshop. When the user presses this button, the microphone on the customers device will be activated. Voice Search recognizes when the user has finished speaking and will immediately start looking for products based on the spoken search.


    What else is possible?
    You search in a different way with your voice than when you type. For that reason we added two extra functionalities which makes the search function even smarter. Enter similar synonyms or words that will help the app understand what the user is trying to search for. It is also possible to add custom assignments. For example, add the custom search "Go to shopping cart" to go directly to the shopping cart, instead of searching the webshop for shopping carts.


    Are you missing a functionality?
    Does Voice Search lack functionalities? Would you like improvements? Is the display of Voice Search in your webshop not entirely satisfactory? We would love to hear your wishes so that we can make Voice Search even better! Please contat us at [email protected]


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    Extra information

    Some older browsers do not support the techniques that this app uses. The browsers on Apple devices (Safari) also do not support these techniques. From the moment that Apple does support these techniques, the app will also immediately work on Apple devices.



    You can find the documentation here: https://docs.instijlmedia.nl/en/lightspeed/apps/voice-search/

    For questions, please contact us at [email protected]