Visma Accountview relaxsConnect LITE

€22,50 / mensuel
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  • Connect your Lightspeed webshop easy with Visma Accountview. 
  • Optimize your company processes with this integration
  • Reduce erros and avoid double work


    "Safe 1 hour of boring work per day (on average) with this integration"

    Why AccountView?

    Account View is the basis of your financial administration. User friendly and complete standard software for SMEs, small independent entrepreneurs to medium sized organizations. Depending on your needs and company you choose the financial base versions AccountView GoSoloTeam or Business.


    How does the AccountView connector work?

    This module is great when you use Accountview for ONLY accounting infromation. Within one simple mouse clic an order is imported in your Accountinview software.

    Features LITE Module:

    • Import orders/invoices (all data as text)
    • Connected to one (selected) customer
    • Connected to one (selected) product


    About Comaxs Software Solutions

    Comaxs Software Solutions is a software developer and business consulting company at the Netherlands since 2001. We develop dedicated software or standard software modules.  



    This product should provide you a happy working day. If there are questions, remarks please contact us. We love feedback [email protected]. You need to know more? Please contact us at 0164-643 550.