Van der Meer Dropshipping

€19,95 / mensuel
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  • Easy dropshipping with Van der Meer for Lightspeed eCom webshops
  • Automatic updates of product stocks and prices and creation of product sizes and product variants
  • Suitable for webshops selling pet supplies


    "Easy dropshipping with Van der Meer for Lightspeed eCom"


    Why Van der Meer dropshipping?
    Do you have a Lightspeed Ecom store and want to offer products of a supplier through your own webshop? With the Van der Meer dropship connection you can easily integrate your product feed into your own webshop and synchronize it daily. You can easily provide all your customers with up-to-date product information, prices and stocks from Van der Meer.


    How does it work?
    After the app installation you can immediately start connecting with Van der Meer using our graphical interface. You can link your own margins, copy or rename complete categories or product names and descriptions. The import platform does the rest for you.

    Our solution synchronizes your chosen products from your wholesaler on a daily basis. Unlike a one-time import, your products are always kept up to date. The handy graphic interface allows you to select your own product range. You can add your own margins. or enrich your own data in your store. Stocks will of course remain synchronized.


    1.Easily import products from Van der Meer Pet Supplies

    2.Automatic creation of product sizes and product variants

    3.Automatic daily stocks and prices updates

    4.Graphical interface for easy linking of categories to your shop

    5.Define your own margins for categories

    6.Van der Meer will take care of the logistics handling

    7.Automatic Track & Trace urls and orders forwarded from shop to VDM



    To scale your business we have setup a flexible pricing structure.
    Startup: 0-2500 producten - 19.95€ p/m.


    In-app purchase
    Business (2500 - 5000)          49€ p/m (per 6 months)
    Business XXL (5001 - 10000)  75€ p/m (per 4 months)
    Enterprise (10.000 - 15.000)  99€ p/m (per 4 months)



    * Free Advanced SLA + Track & Trace + Status feedback to shop. (2.5% commission)


    Extra information
    NOTE: You must first become a customer of Van der Meer before you start and request the XML data feed type.


    For questions, custom links and support email us at [email protected]

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