Stock Filter

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  • Hide out of stock product options (unfortunately this is not possible for omnichannel shops)
  • Add stock label in the dropdown menu: ‘in stock’ or ‘out of stock’ 
  • Add stock quantities in the dropdown menu



"Avoid losing sales by having an inventory shortage"

Why Stock Filter?

Do you sell products with product options like sizes, litres or m2? Are you tracking the stock? Well, then you have probably noticed that by default all product options are displayed on the product page. Even the out of stock product options. To see the stock availability of all product options you would have to select each individual product option. This costs time and it will eventually damage the customer experience which will lead to a decrease in conversion rate.


The Stock Filter will solve all these problems and enable you to choose how to display the product options on the product page. Customize the settings to your needs and increase customer satisfaction.


Key Advantages

  • Increase the conversion rate instantly
  • Communicate clearly by displaying the stock quantity instantly of all product options
  • Visitors will shop faster without the need to click on all product options
  • No need to manually delete all out of stock product options
  • With the user-friendly configuration, you can customize it as you want
  • Save time and money and choose for the Stock Filter instead of expensive custom development.
  • Free updates and free support

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Support and documentation

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iKentoo s’appelle désormais Lightspeed

iKentoo s’appelle désormais Lightspeed

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