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  • Feature photos, videos and banners in one dynamic slideshow
  • Easily customize design to fit your brand and store
  • Make the most of every inch of space on your store front

  • "POWR Slider: Used on over 70,000 websites!”

    Why choose POWR Slider?

    POWR Slider is a simple and attractive way to add a slideshow of images, videos and banners to your store front. Organize your visuals in one place. Add labels, links and captions to the slider, which is ideal for online portfolios, product demos and product pages. Then match your store front perfectly with easy-to-use design options.

    How does it work?

    Follow the install instructions to add POWR Slider to any page or product in your store. Then edit your slider through, or right on your live storefront. Just click the Setting Icon to open the POWR Editor, where you can control any aspect of your slider. No need to worry about HTML or CSS. And no toggling back and forth from an editor page. See what your store looks like right as you edit it!

    Extra benefits of POWR Slider

    Draw your customers’ attention to your bestsellers and promotions in a beautiful image slider, shildeshows, lookbook or caroussel.

    With easy-to use templates, you can create:

    • A testimonial slider with customer quotes and images for great social proof!
    • A logo slider to build trust in your brand by displaying the logos of your top clients. Also great for social proof!
    • Upload photos to your slider to highlight your best products and increase traffic to your popular products.
    • Create a product image slideshow and add videos so customers can see your products in action.
    • Highlight promotions and discounts with custom banners in your image slider.
    • Promote your best-sellers in an image slider.
    • Show off your collections in a product carousel.
    • Add call-to-action buttons and descriptions to your slider banners to get customers to relevant pages quickly.
    • Choose between several eye-catching slider transition styles and select between the slider layout or carousel layout if you want to display several images on one slide.
    • Highly customizable design: pick custom colors and fonts, adjust size, add borders, and more.
    • Supports text in any language.
    • Mobile responsive on any device.


    About POWR

    POWR is the world’s leading plugin library. Choose from over 50 intuitive tools, like forms, galleries, and social feeds.

     Extra information

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