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  • Returns, without blood, sweat & tears
  • Return solution with seamless integration with Lightspeed
  • Faster return handling and preventing returns powered by your return data.




“The handling of our returns is now 44% faster than before we started with Returnless” – Customer success manager at



About Returnless

As an eCommerce company you really want to give your customer a seamless return experience. A bad return experience is killing for customer satisfaction. On top of that a bad return process will have a huge impact on customer support and warehouse employees.


Sweatless Returnless

At Returnless we promise Sweatless Returns. We automate and make your return process super smooth. With clear and actionable data, we optimize your customer experience and assortment. Within 5 minutes your Lightspeed shop can have the ‘smoothest’ return process in the world.


You can start from €39,95 p/m!

Check our website for more info and our pricing.


Oke, maar nu even concreet:

With the Returnless app you will receive:

      1. Return portal: a clear overview and dashboard of all your returns incl. all information.
      2. Smart return form: Branded return form linked to your Lightspeed webshop. Completely customizable with your own fields.
      3. Return Rules: Prevent returns before they occur. Wrong size? Can we offer you a different size? Or a coupon? Fully automated rules and conditions, the form changes based on the rules and what the customer is filling out in the form.
      4. Choose your own carrier: Do you have a contract with a specific carrier? We can add every main carrier in the EU so you can use your own contract to sell labels directly to the customer and make profit or not, you decide.
      5. Deep Insights: Which products in your assortment cause the most returns and why? Take action based on data and insights generated by the digital form.


How to start?

        1.      Install the app
        2.      Login or create an account
        3.      Plan a technical onboarding
        4.      Go live


Are you interested in a sweatless return process?

Returnless has a very smooth integration with Lightspeed CMS. Would you like to see a demo, send us an email: [email protected] or call: +31 20 210 1355