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  • Segment your customer base, send relevant e-mails and generate more revenue with Reloadify. 
  • Instantly generate more revenue thanks to our 12 pre-made trigger e-mails.
  • Automate more than 50% of your e-mails with Reloadify.


    "Enable Reloadify and start generating more revenue out of your current customers."

    Why Reloadify?

    Understand your customers, develop a relationship and sell on a personal level with Reloadify.


    Send - in a easy way - abandoned shopping carts, product reviews, win-back actions and much more. Want to design your own workflow? Go ahead! Thanks to our direct integration in Lightspeed you have the store data available to you.


    Develop special e-mail automations to recover abandoned shopping carts, do cross-sells, reach out to repeat customers, increase your average order value, develop relevant coupon codes and much more. On average stores are able to automate more than 50% of their e-mail marketing thanks to Reloadify.

    How does it work?

    Relevant and personal marketing generates more revenue and happy customers. With Reloadify you can segment on properties that you find relevant from your customers. Thanks to segmenting you approach your customers on a personal level and provide more value, relevant recommendations and much more.



    Discover all the features by using our app completely free for the first 30 days. Some of the possibilities:


    Drag and drop e-mail editor
    A powerfull, easy to use e-mail editors the design beautifull e-mails.

    1 click integration

    Seamless integration with Lightspeed, no setup costs or developers needed.

    Powerfull segmentation

    Contact your customers based on behaviour, properties, buying history and much more.


    Dynamic products

    Use products from your webshop directly in your e-mails.

    Ready to go e-mails

    Generate more revenue within 1 minute thanks to our pre-made e-mails.

    Product recommendations
    Advise the right products to the right customers thanks to our integration with Ligthspeed.

    Personal & relevant e-mails
    Use events, behaviour and personal properties to send e-mails that are tailored to your customers.

    Responsive e-mails
    Design e-mails that look fantastic on every screen, tablet or phone.

    E-commerce CRM
    Develop a 360º view of your customers, from website visit to purchase.


    A deliverability rate you can trust

    When you send a lot of e-mails, the risk is bigger that one of those mails is seen as spam. A e-mail is useless if it is not delivered in the inbox of your audience. With Reloadify you can rest assured that 99.99% of the e-mails get actually delivered to the inbox.

    Customer service
    Questions? We love to help you.


    About us as partner

    Reloadify is a product from Reloadify, you might know us from ReloadSEO or ConversionsKit. With our team of E-commerce specialistst we serve more than 5000 e-commerce stores worldwide and help them generate more revenue.


    Extra information

    The first 30 days are free to try out our app. After this you pay a monthly fee based on the amount of profiles you have.

     *One profile is one e-mail adress.


    Support or questions?

    We are sure that Reloadify generates more revenue for your store. Do you need help implementing or designing your e-mails? We love to show you how easy Reloadify works. You can contact us through phone, e-mail or in-app.Contact us through +315 021 153 69 or through [email protected]