Quick View - Making Shopping Faster

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  • Faster shopping = More sales
  • Quickly preview product details and browse the collection
  • 1-klik installation, multi-lingual and easy-to-use


    "Merken als Bruut.nl, Bijenkorf.nl, Wehkamp.nl en Fashionchick.nl gebruiken deze functionaliteit al jaren om hun conversie te verhogen."


    The Quick View app adds instant preview options to a category page without going back and forth to product pages. It makes your webshop easier and faster to navigate. With 1 click the quick view appears as a lightbox pop-up with the product details. Now you can already add to cart from the pop-up. Easily continue to the next product with the previous/next arrows. Quick View will help visitors explore more, find the product faster, decrease the bounce rate and this will result in a boost of sales!


    Why Quick View?

    • Boost your sales by optimizing your conversion rate
    • Improve the user experience due to the ease-of-use
    • Visitors will explore more and find products faster
    • Free support and update


    Quick View



    This feature is inspired by

    This functionality is used for years by many global brands such as Asos.com, Forever21.com and Macys.com to increase their conversion.



    • Lightspeed app only, optimized for Lightspeed platform
    • 1-click install
    • Instantly see all productdetails in the pop-up
    • Switch products easily with previous/next button
    • Easy to use and configure from the back-end
    • Choose the position of the Quick View button: top, center, bottom
    • Choose the colours of different Quick View elements: button, button text, hovercolours
    • Edit the buttontext "Quick View" and name it differently
    • Cross-browser compatible and works on desktops and mobile
    • It instantly works on all your available languages
    • Free support and updates. 


    How does it work?
    Step 1: Install the from the Lightspeed App store.

    Step 2: You will be redirected to the app dasboard of Vivaio.

    Step 3: Create your account and login. 

    Step 4: Select Quick View and configure the app. For example, choose the button colour or buttontext.


    Support and documentation

    Questions? Contact us via [email protected] . Click here to read the documentation.