Promo Top Bar

€9,95 / mensuel
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  • Promote beautifully with the Promo Top Bar instead of an intrusive popup
  • Promote a discount or free shipping, grow your e-mail list or grow your Facebook following
  • The 4-in-1 promo tool that will be displayed across all pages


    "Promote beautifully across all pages with the elegant Promo Top Bar."


    Why Promo Top Bar?

    If you want to boost your online sales with a promotion you have 2 options: homepage banners or a popup. The problem of the homepage banners is that a big part of your visitors will skip the homepage banners because they land on productpages. And the popup can be damaging for the user experience and increase the bounce rate. To solve both problems, we have created the Promo Top Bar.

    This elegant top bar grabs the attention of the visitor for a message, call-to-action, newsletter subscription or Facebook following. It works on all themes and will always be placed on top, this makes it user-friendly and useful at the same time.


    How does it work?

    1. Choose one of the 4 bar modes: text only, call-to-action, e-mail opt-in or Facebook follow

    2. Configure the app with multiple options: text, close the bar option, position, disable on specific URL's and more

    3. Style the bar as you want: colors, font size, font type, height of bar and more


    More advantages

    • Grow your newsletter list
    • Grow your Facebook following
    • Get more sales for specific promotions
    • Feature specific content or pages with the Call-to-Action mode
    • Mobile & tablet friendly
    • Can be disabled on mobile only
    • Watch a preview of the bar from the app settings


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    Support & Documentation

    Questions? Contact [email protected] or click here for the documentation.