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Disclaimer: app is in Dutch


On 19th of May /2015 at 16:00 Pricemotion is presenting an app webinar in which they will discuss the functionalities of this app in combination with Lightspeed. You can register for free by clicking here.


Pricemotion is a price monitor for webstores that allows them to choose whether to only monitor the prices of the competition or also adjust them automatically.  


The prices of your competitors are real time available in our application, like this you can immediately see which products are too expensive or priced just right. You will no longer need to adjust your prices manually; we have developed price rules to adjust your prices (automatically) based on your competitor’s prices.


Price rules:

  • Your price is never too high. When your competitors raise their prices yours will also go up,
  • Your price is never too low. When your competitors lower their prices yours will be lowered as well.
  • Your price is always right. Because of margin protection your price will always be ideal.


Save time - You will no longer need to spend endless hours going through price comparison sites. Open a product in Pricemotion and all the process of your competitors (highest, lowest and average prices) are immediately visible. You can decide your competitive position.


You can save even more time: we can adjust prices automatically based on previously determined price rules. The price will automatically go up and down and just to be sure we also included a margin protector. This way you can be sure a product is never priced too low.


The Lightspeed app ensures that your products will become visible in the Pricemotion application. Every night we synchronize prices so you ask the right price for your products every day.


How does it work?

  1. Install the Pricemotion app in the Lightspeed App Store. Choose a package that suits you. You will receive a monthly invoice via email for this from Pricemotion.
  2. From the following day onwards all your products are available in Pricemotion. Log in at Pricemotion or install the app again and click on “go to Pricemotion”.
  3. View the prices of your competitors in Pricemotion or assemble a set of price rules in order to process your prices automatically. The Lightspeed app shows the products that have been edited, so you can always check. The synchronization takes place every night. For that reason the price adjustments are only available from the following day.



For the moment we can only index products which has a known EAN number


What are the costs?
Prices are based on the number of products you want to request a price comparison for. If you request to compare more products than your package allows these won’t be shown. This way you will never receive a higher invoice than agreed.

Free: up to 20 products for €0,00 per month
Lightspeed 250: up to 250 products for €29,00 per month
Lightspeed 500: up to 500 products for €49,00 per month 
Lightspeed 1500: up to 1.500 products for €99,00 per month
Lightspeed 3000: up to 3.000 products for €169,00 per month 
Lightspeed 5000: up to 5.000 products for €199,00 per month 
Lightspeed 10000: up to 10.000 products for €299,00 per month 
Lightspeed 15000: up to 15.000 products for €399,00 per month 
Lightspeed 20000: up to 20.000 products for €449,00 per month