POP IT UP! Popups & Discounts by DMWS

€4,95 / mensuel
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Forget the ugly and boring popup!


This app offers 6 powerful popups with a unique GIPHY integration. Make your visitors laugh and convert at the same time. Automatically generate discount codes for an Opt-in Newsletter and let your visitors convert this discount code directly in your shop.


Super fun and easy to make Popups. You decide how you POP IT UP! looks like, with the easy Live editor.


What do you get:


6 Layouts for for different popups.


Just like in our themes, with more than 1450 users in Lightspeed, it is an aesthetic design that converts. The popups stand for quality, with 6 different designs, you determine completely what suits your target group.


Use GIPHY for your images


GIPHY is hot! It has a high fun factor, which is important in these times. Let your visitors enjoy the best offers, discount codes or just a welcome message, with your favorite GIPHY. With super easy 'shuffle' function so you can smile just as long until you find the right GIPHY. Enjoy!


Discount codes generate automatically (in exchange for opt-in + email address)


Do you want an Email address in exchange for an Opt-in? After entering the Email address by the visitor, we generate a discount code that can be used immediately. You can set the settings yourself in the App dashboard.

Show fixed codes


Choose from your own discount codes that you have already created.


Pick a discountcode from your store that already excists. We'll show them to you in a dropdown. 

Statistics for conversion and submissions


View how many registrations the Popup has generated and the conversion of the Discount Codes


Thanks image (also giphy)


Thank your visitor for giving their Email address and reward him or her with a discount code AND a thank you image! Even more interaction and appreciation.

Regular images are also possible


Use regular .jpg images instead of GIPHY, of course!


Different positions popup in screen


Make a choice where you show the popup: in the middle or bottom right corner

Mobile pixel perfect


The mobile popup connects flawlessly to any device and any Theme from the Themestore.


Other options


Choose on which page the popup shows, after how many page views, the cookie, etc. It's all in your hands!



Do you have questions about the POP IT UP! app? Contact [email protected] for the fastest answers!