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Warehouse software designed for growing webshops


  • Pick orders 5 times faster and eliminate mistakes
  • Manage your warehouse with 1 tool, with unlimited connected webshops
  • No need for consultants and online in 1 day




Why Picqer?

Picqer is online warehouse software designed for you: growing webshops. Since 2012 we are focused to make webshop warehouses efficient and effective, with great online software that everyone can use without the need for consultants.


There are already honderts of warehouses that run on Picqer, including more then 100 Lightspeed shops.


How does it work?

Picqer collects all orders from all of your shops. That may be multiple Lightspeed shops, but you can also combine with other platforms we support. Then Picqer ensures a smooth process so you can pick your orders ASAP. For example, by batch processing of orders we automatically rank pick actions on the locations in your warehouse, so you can pick 20 orders with in 1 round. But also by supporting barcode scanners so you never send the wrong product. And our direct links with shipping providers like PostNL and SendCloud will print shipping labels automatically.


And with Picqer Mobile you can process orders completely paperless.


Picqer also supports you in other warehouse processes, like detailed overviews of stock levels and its history. Picqer also gives great advise about which products you need to purchase, and you can send those purchase orders to your supplier with 1-click.


You get all that for a fixed price a month. No setup costs, no learning courses or consultants. And if you need help, we are ready for you.


Key advantages you get with Picqer

  • Full native connection with Lightspeed
  • Realtime sync for stock levels with all connected shops
  • All orders in 1 overview
  • Process orders in batches so you save on walking
  • Eliminate mistakes with the use of barcode scanners and automatic printing
  • Unlimited email support for free
  • Access to the Picqer API so you can extend its functionality
  • Save hours with easy purchase order creation and purchase advise
  • No more searching for products in your warehouse with the use of stock locations
  • Live in the future: paperless processing of orders


Picqer's clear price

You only pay one clear fee for Picqer, starting at € 349 a month. No startup fees, no consulting fees and free support. Picqer pays for itself when you have more then 50 orders a day.


Want to know more about Picqer? Let us give you a free online demo of Picqer, so you can see how Picqer works for you.


The connection between Lightspeed and Picqer costs € 4,95 per connected Lightspeed shop a month.


How can we help?

Not sure if Picqer is a good fit for you warehouse? Or maybe you have questions about how to improve your warehouse? Please email [email protected] and we are happy to help.