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  • Orderchamp: the digital wholesale marketplace for unique brands and independent retailers / webshops
  • For online shops: export bought items to your webshop and automate your wholesale purchasing process
  • For brands: connect your catalog/stock and offer unique items on our digital trade-fair


    ’’Unique merchandise in every store’’


    About Orderchamp

    Orderchamp is reimagining wholesale by bringing independent retailers and brands together in a digital marketplace to empower local communities across the globe. On a daily basis, we find unique brands and use machine learning to connect them with the right retailers. We take the guesswork out of the equation by unlocking the power of data for all to help (online) shops find their next bestsellers.


    Note: Orderchamp is a 'curated marketplace'. We verify all brands and retailers which will only get access to our platform upon approval.


    For retailers / webshops

    Want to source and buy new unique products? Create a free retailer account on Orderchamp. With this app, you can export products from the Orderchamp marketplace directly into your (online) store. We currently do not support dropshipping. Products are purchased and kept in your own stock for re-sale.


    Benefits for retailers:


    • Unique international assortment on values;
    • Recommendations based on data;
    • One checkout for multiple brands;
    • Low minimum order amounts per brand;
    • Strong margins and volume discounts;
    • Free shipping above €250,-;
    • Buyer protection and secure payments;
    • Pay after delivery: net30 or net60 payment terms (only qualified retailers);
    • Integrated with your POS and online store.


    For unique brands

    Are you a unique brand that wants to go wholesale? Signup here and our team of experts will contact you soon.


    How it works?

    Easily synchronize your existing (online) store and import / export new products. These will automatically appear on Orderchamp or be placed in your shop after purchase and your stock will be synchronized with (re-)orders! Welcome to more efficient purchasing!


    1. Install the app
    2. Create a free retailer account via the app
    3. Decide your workflow
    4. Import new products and collections
    5. Synchronise inventory


    It's that simple!




    Call us at +31 20 3080808 or send an email to [email protected]