Order Forwarder - Automatic order handling!

€10,95 / mensuel
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Automatically forward paid orders to your suppliers, vendors, shipping companies or other 3rd parties, and save valuable time on order processing.


Have you ever thought of how much time you're wasting by having to send orders to your (dropship) suppliers, shipping companies or other 3rd parties again and again? There has to be a way to make this easier, right? Now there is. The Order Forwarder app will automatically forward your paid orders to your configured recipient per email, and automatically split all order products based on the supplier you've set in your products.


In the app you can simply create a forwarder for any supplier, enter the recipient's email address, and customize the email template to your needs. All the rest will be taken care of automatically, almost like magic. Interest in it's simplicity and all available features? Feel free to try out the app for two weeks, without any obligations and fully free of charge. Installation takes just a few clicks and will give you the oppertunity to play around and discover all features


Most awesome features

  • Products are split automatically per supplier, and only those specific products will be included in the email
  • Fully customize the email body per forwarder
  • Optional stock level threshold setting to only forward items when their stock level reaches a certain cofigured threshold (Gold plan)
  • Automatically add PDF packing slip attachment (Gold plan)
  • Optionally set your own custom email server
  • Multiple possibilities for shops with lower or higher order volumes
  • Advanced insights in order and product details


How does it work?

You can create multiple different suppliers in your store and connect them to your products. In the app you can then simply add a forwarder to any of your store's suppliers, for which you want to forward their ordered products. For this forwarder you can set up details like the recipient's email address, customize the email body and template, or depending on your app plan set your stock level threshold or add a PDF packing slip. As soon as the order is paid (by the merchant or manually by yourself), the app will process the order: products will be split per supplier as set in your store, and an email with these specific details will be sent to your configured forwarder.


Plans and features

The first two weeks are fully free of charge and without any obligations so you're free to play around with all the features. Then, when you're just as convinced as we are, you can simply pick one of the plans that fit your needs. The default plan has a monthly fee of just €10,95 and will be able to forward up to 40 orders per month. You'll find a detailed overview of all different plans and features in the app dashboard.


About Dyvelopment

DyApps is part of Dyvelopment, the partner of choice for Lightspeed design other Lightspeed custom changes. Customizing your current design, a fully custom theme, specific custom changes or custom 3rd party connectors like supplier connectors? You name it, we'll fix it. And we already did for over more than 2000 merchants worldwide.



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