MplusKASSA Q-line Kassa koppeling

€10,95 / mensuel
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Disclaimer: This app is only available for Dutch merchants


What is MplusKASSA?

MplusKASSA is a user friendly, fast and visually attractive till package with which you provide the ideal check out solution for your store.


Elaborate connector

Do you have a Q-line till and a Lightspeed webstore? In that case we can provide you with an extensive solution for connecting your till system and your webstore. The costs for the automatic connection are 10,95/month. We are happy to help you get going on our contact page (customer service in Dutch)


How does it work? Easy!

In the background your product details are sent from MplusKASSA to your Lightspeed so you can manage all your products from one central location. When you sell something this is also updated in you Lightspeed account.  


When an order is placed on your Lightspeed webstore this is automatically updated in your MplusKASSA and you get a message on your till with the turnover you just made. When the order is paid and sent in Lightspeed, this is also visible in your till.


Attention: you need a password in order to complete the connection, please contact your till supplier about this.

What is synchronized?

  • Product details from Mplus to Lightspeed
  • Stock levels from Mplus to Lightspeed
  • Customer details from Lightspeed to Mplus
  • Order details from Lightspeed to Mplus
  • Payment and shipping status from Lightspeed to Mplus


For a detailed description of everything that is connected please consult our manual