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  • Save time on accounting 
  • Send orders and invoices directly to your accounting system 
  • More quality in your administration while spending less time on it 


    "This app takes care of you administration. Always, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week."

    Why the Lightspeed - MoneyBird app?

    MoneyBird is accounting software used by many webshop owners. This app makes it possible to send orders directly to MoneyBird. So you do not need to type them over anymore or you export / import to update your financials.

    How does it work?

    The app is activated from the Lightspeed appstore. During installation a connection is made between the webshop and MoneyBird. After finalizing the installation for every order that is set to Paid an invoice is created in MoneyBird. Customers, coupons and taxcodes are automatically integrated.


    Would you rather send Lightspeed invoices to MoneyBird? That is possible. Please contact us at [email protected].

    Extra benefits of the app?

    • Free trial period for 30 days
    • Orders for the same customer are registered in MoneyBird under the same customer code.
    • Coupons are correctly integrated.
    • It is possible to migrate already processed orders to MoneyBird.


    About us as a partner

    Webwinkelfacturen is market-leader when connecting webshops to accountingsystems. With good relation with both webshop-providers and providers from accounting systems webwinkelfacturen is always informed about the latest developments. Combined with 15 year software experience we support our customers fully. See also our excelent references.


    Our accounting connectors with Lightspeed Ecom:

    • Asperion
    • Cash
    • Exact
    • Factuursturen
    • Minox
    • Moneybird
    • Muis
    • Offective
    • Reeleezee
    • Snelstart
    • Twinfield
    • Visma
    • Yuki

    Furthermore, we also connect Lightspeed POS Restaurant and Retail to accounting software, see this link.


    Extra information

    To use this app an account with MoneyBird is needed. Any costs for this account are paid directly to MoneyBird and are NOT included in the fee for this app.



    For questions you can use [email protected]. Documentation is only available in Dutch: Manual Lightspeed - MoneyBird