Mempay - Subscription Commerce

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  • SProduct sales in subscription format, such as One Dollar Shave Club and Birchbox
  • Seamless integration with your Lightspeed webshop
  • An effective way of customer retention


    "Increase your turnover and retention by selling online subscriptions"



    Why online subscriptions via Mempay? 

    Did you know that 30% of the online customers in the US has an online subscription? Subscription e-commerce, offering your products in a subscription format, is also gaining more ground in the Netherlands.


    Mempay is the most innovative online subscription platform. This platform enables you to set up subscriptions and make them successful. Selling online subscriptions has never been this simple!


    You can offer almost every product or service in a subscription format. This has strong benefits, such as:

    •         clear forecast of your turnover and stock;
    •         easily build up a long-term relation with your subscribers;
    •         take care of stable growth without large investments.


    Mempay's platform shows a clear overview of the payment scheme per subscription. You can clearly see if payments have been made, reversed or should be executed still. Mempay is responsible for the management of recurrent payments, for example by direct debit. Mempay then creates a recurrent order in your Lightspeed backend. This fully automates the process, so your payments and stock are updated automatically.


    Should a subscriber reverse its payment - for example because of an insufficient balance - Mempay takes care of a suitable, automated action.



    How does it work?

    You can simply install Mempay's app via the Lightspeed backend. After successfully installing the app, you should create a Mempay account. Your Mempay account has a direct link with your Lightspeed webshop.


    You can then configure the subscriptions. Add a regular Lightspeed product to add a subscription to your webshop. Mempay recognizes the subscription by means of predetermined keywords in the "Extra fields", such as: subscription, automatic, recurrent, etc. You decide how you want to describe the extra field. When the product with this extra field is added to the shopping cart, Mempay recognizes the used keywords and deploys its own payment methods.



    Why Mempay?

    •         You will always have a valid digital direct debit authorisation, also known as an e-mandate;
    •         The first payment can be made with iDEAL or Bancontact, for example
    •         All recurrent payments are made via direct debit;
    •         The interval of the subscription is flexible (from weekly to annually);
    •         Mempay automatically inserts recurrent orders into your Lightspeed backend. 




    •         You get access to Mempay's platform to manage your subscriptions;
    •         Process single and recurrent orders in one shopping cart;
    •         Subscribers manage their subscriptions in their account, in your Lightspeed webshop;
    •         Terminating, pausing, changing and planning are part of the standard features;
    •         Resume a terminated subscription in one click without having to take care of a new e-mandate;
    •         Mempay is responsive and suitable for mobile, tablet and desktop;
    •         Overview of all statistics in a clear dashboard.


    Payment methods

    •         iDEAL for the first payment and to verify the IBAN;
    •         Bancontact for the first payment and to verify the IBAN;
    •         PayPal for the first and recurrent payments;
    •         Direct debit (SEPA) for recurrent payments. 



    Besides a platform, Mempay also facilitates the payment methods. This means you pay transaction costs per payment method. Besides this, you also pay the global transaction costs of €0.25 per transaction, up to 5,000 subscribers. Our tariffs are transparent and available here.



    Want to know how you can be the next subscription hero? Please contact us by email via [email protected], by phone via 003110 - 414 24 24 or visit the website Please read our documentation for more information.


    Read our documentation here.