MDware Loyalty

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  • Plug & Play: Activate Ecommere or Omnichannel Loyalty in 5 minutes. Available in EN, NL, DE, FR, ES 
  • Increase sales by rewarding returning customers. In-store and online (Omnichannel)
  • MDware, that's an easy set-up for you, and easy to understand and use for your customers.


    "The first Omnichannel Loyalty system for Lightspeed, reward your customers easily and fast , fully automated."

    Why MDware Loyalty?

    At MDware we know: simplicity works! No complicated Loyalty schemes, no difficult template integration. In 5 click your customers start earning automatically Loyalty points or Loyalty credit on each sale. And exchanging them is even more simple.
    Our design is minimalistic and template-independant, and can be styled as you wish!

    Do you also have Lightspeed Retail? Super! Go head with Omnichannel Loyalty and offer your customers a more unique experience. And for this we only charge 15€ per (web-)shop. Start your free 30-day trial now!

    How does MDware Loyalty work?

    You can chosse if you want to work with points or an amount, how much points your customers get and what the value is of these points. Do you want to exclude discounts or promotions? Yes you can! Tip: set a maximum how much loyalty customers can exchange per sale.

    Our Loyalty-button will be in your right- of left-hand-corner of your eCommerce shop, and let's your customers manage their Loyalty, as simple as possible.

    Check out our demo-shop and create a test order!

    Let's get started!

    Check out the instruction video we made, and you'll be up and running in no time!

    1) Create an account on
    2) Connect your Ecommerce account via MDware or install the app
    3) Configure Loyalty or start with our standard settings.
    4) Enable our widget on your eCommerce site and personalize as you wish
    5) MDware is there for you all day, 7/7! Contact us in our backend or via [email protected]

    Migrating from another platform?
    An Excel or CSV file with email address and points total or loyalty amount of your customers is all we need. You can do this yourself via our Import-Wizard (in the MDware back-end). You can import using our template or directly import your Loyalty Lion importfile. If this doesn't work or you feel more comfortable when we do it for you, send it to [email protected] and we'll import that for you.

    MDware, Lightspeed Expert
    MDware has been working closely with Lightspeed for several years, and has experience in Retail & Ecommerce unlike any other partner. Since 2016 we have been developing necessary integrations for Lightspeed Retail, such as invoicing, gift cards and Loyalty. We work very closely with our customers and are open to any feedback. This tool has been created and improved with the help of the Lightspeed Community!