Kangaroo Rewards

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  • Increase online traffic
  • Increase customer spending 
  • retain your customers


    ’’Build customer engagement, retention and loyalty by easily earning points and redeeming rewards all in one place. ’’


    Why Kangaroo Rewards?

    Choose Kangaroo Rewards and you'll get all the tools to create and run an effective online loyalty program for your Lightspeed eCom shop. Besides earning points by purchasing, with Kangaroo Rewards you'll be able to run creative campaigns or grant unique exclusive offers to your online shoppers. Starting from € 39 per month we'll also include features such as dashboard reporting, signup bonus, as well as social media sharing incentives!


    Explore our Loyalty Package of €39 per month. Are you looking for advanced features? Reach out and ask us about our Engagement or Ultimate 360 packages and enjoy even more powerful tools such as point multipliers, A la carte rewards, Raffles, Referral programs, survey programs and more!!


    How to get started:

    1. Install the app via the Lightspeed App store and create a new Merchant Account (see screenshot). We'll send you your credentials immediately.
    2. Log into the merchant portal.
    3. The integration is complete! When you have set up your rules, you're able to easily activate the widget on your webshop

    Get the most of your loyalty program

    Every loyalty program is unique, so be creative! In your merchant portal, you'll notice you're free to change a lot of details, from the texts, the colors, the loyalty rules and many other possibilities that could lead to more traffic, more returning, loyal customers and increased conversion. 

    Importing existing program

    Moving away from another loyalty provider? Create an export and easily upload your customers and their points to Kangaroo. In your dashboard, go to 'upload clients' and upload either a CSV or an excel file. We'll need their: (A) First Name (B) Last name (C) Phone number* (D) email (E) birthday* and (F) point balance.


    (columns) *optional


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    How to reach us

    Best way to reach us with your questions is via the live chat within your merchant portal