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Get a running start with our drag & drop editor and built breathtaking emails!
Out of all marketing channels, email marketing gets by far the best results. Connecting with existing customers is seven times cheaper than finding new ones. That's why we want to help organisations obtain more conversions through email marketing.
How do we do it?
  • With the easiest to use online tool for email marketing
  • Personal help and service
  • Our team of experienced email marketeers supports, advises, and can when need takeover email marketing.
  • More emails in the inbox
  • Our customer score 6% higher than the market average

And with the in-depth integration with Lightspeed, you can send emails based on purchasing behaviour. This way you can create loyal customers that return! Try our completely functional demo for 30 for free! Or contact us to discuss the possibilities, we'd love to help. 

About Hellodialog
Located in Haarlem, Hellodialog is the bureau for email marketing and marketing automation. With our own mail application and as a partner we have been helping small and medium-sized businesses to more turnover for over 18 years.
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5.000 75.000 €45 €52 €1,50
25.000 350.000 €95 €109 €1,50
50.000 700.000 €145 €167 €1,50
100.000 1.400.000 €245 €282 €1,50
250.000 3.500.000 €395 €454 €1,50
Don't hesitate and contact us! You can reach us on 031 21 532 2608 or per email on [email protected]