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PriceTweakers is a price and competition comparison and dynamic pricing software that saves you time and money.


Why PriceTweakers?

For (webshop) entrepreneurs we have the solution to quickly and easily gain insight into your competitors so that you immediately gain a head start. PriceTweakers has been developed as a price analysis marketing tool with which you always have the most up-to-date information about and from your competition. Whether this is the price of your competition, the availability of a product, or other information. PriceTweakers makes this transparent. And with our additional (DRS) dynamic pricing module, you can automatically adjust the prices of your products, based on the pricing strategies you have set yourself.



How does it work?

  • Connect with your webshop and PriceTweakers App
  • In consultation, we determine which products we include in the App
  • PriceTweakers does the product comparison and matching with Google shopping
  • Understand your competitors and add your own where necessary
  • Personalize your dashboard with the information, widgets, and reports important to you
  • Start tracking the products, product prices, and availability of your competition's products
  • Determine your pricing strategies based on rules and automatically adjust prices with the dynamic pricing module


Benefits of PriceTweakers

  • Help with importing with the feed of your products
  • Help with comparing your products
  • Track your products, brands, price changes, and product availability
  • Make predictions for the future based on history
  • Measure trends regularly and precisely and gain insight into the strategy of your competition
  • Use our price suggestion tool to optimize your margin as prices are constantly changing
  • Get an idea of the availability of the products with your competition and adjust your sales and marketing activities accordingly
  • Specifically, track your cheapest and most expensive products, and see exactly how they hold up
  • With our MAP module, you as a brand owner, manufacturer, or supplier can monitor the prices at which your products are offered on the market.
  • Use our Dynamic Pricing module to automatically adjust your prices



For brand owners, manufacturers, and suppliers

  • Track all your customers automatically
  • Follow their prices and availability
  • See all current MAP violations and take immediate action



Us as your partner

PriceTweakers is an international startup that aims to make information and work easier for E-entrepreneurs, marketers, and online specialists.

PriceTweakers aims to be one of the international market leaders in the use of big data and elastic pricing policy and bid management for the E-commerce and retail market within 5 years.

When developing our software and functionalities, we always assume that there must be many benefits for the user and we apply the highest form of efficiency so that savings are also possible.



If you need help installing or setting up the app, please contact us at [email protected] or call + 31-10-268-0179