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Why should I choose GLS?


Choose GLS as a reliable partner
GLS has reliability and security as its top priorities. More than 95 percent of all parcels are delivered on time and the damage and loss rate has been just 0.01 percent for years. GLS is therefore more than a parcel delivery company, but a partner to build on.


Think of the environment with GLS

GLS fully reduces and offsets its CO₂ emissions! By using electric vehicles, optimal route planning, and making buildings more sustainable, among other things, GLS reduces CO₂ emissions. Where emissions cannot be avoided, GLS offsets them by supporting sustainable projects.


Cross-border delivery with GLS

Not only in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of Europe you can rely on the reliable service of GLS. GLS is active in 40 European countries, guaranteeing a strong delivery network.


Use one carrier for both parcel and pallet shipments

With GLS you can easily send both parcels and pallets.


What can I do with the GLS app for Lightspeed?



Give your customers a choice of delivery options in the checkout

Thanks to the GLS app you can offer your national and international customers various shipping services such as direct delivery to a GLS PakketShop, Saturday delivery or Express delivery.


Save time through automation

After installing the app, printing shipping labels, sending tracking emails and updating tracking data to Lightspeed is just a mouse click away!


Additional Information


Interested in shipping with GLS?

We'll be happy to prepare a personalized proposal and invite you to contact our sales colleagues. Please fill in your details via this form


Questions about the GLS app for Lightspeed?

Do you have a GLS agreement and access to the GLS Shipping portal, and questions about connecting GLS to Lightspeed? Please contact us at [email protected]