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Connect your webshop with the unique online WMS-platform Fulfilment Software. It allows you to quickly process your weborders and have full control over your inventory and warehouse.

When the order numbers grow, you will spend more and more time managing and processing these orders and inventories. Thus, there remains less time for marketing or customer service! Fulfilment Software optimizes all underlying processes of a web order: inventory management, order processing and parcel transmission within a user-friendly and affordable solution!



  • Unique multi-shop solution for multiple selling channels (connection with Bol.com or Amazon possible!)
  • Full control over stock (location management, stock alerts and purchase proposals)
  • Efficient order processing (user-friendly packing table software)
  • Sign packet transmission and automatic feedback Track & Trace via your carrier contract
  • Completely cloud-based!
  • All internal warehouse processes within one system streamlined
  • Link to multiple platforms shop, carriers and other e-services

Note: To use this app, you must first be a direct customer of Fulfilment-Software. We integrate your webshop and contract carrier, install the software packing table and make sure you have your orders efficiently processed within the same week and control your full stock.

  • The link between Lightspeed and Fulfilment Software costs € 9.95 per month.
  • For a one-time installation fee of just € 999,- you can immediately start Fulfilment-Software. We then apply a very profitable Pay-As-You-Grow Licensing model where you pay monthly only for that what you use. And all this from € 99, - per month!

Trial of Live demonstration?
Discover what Fulfilment Software for your shop and warehouse can mean! We like to give a live demonstration and show how much time you can save. Like to see and experience how the system works? Once ask for a trial.