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  • Collect feedback, enhance trust, increase visibility and boost your sales.
  • Official Google Review partner: enables you to show stars in your Google Ads.
  • Collect product reviews and convert more websites visitors to customers using the Question and Answer module.


    ’’Product reviews increase conversion up to 38%!’’



    Why use Feedback Company?

    Feedback Company is a review platform which seamlessly integrates with Lightspeed. More than 5.000 websites in the Netherlands and Belgium use the advanced review tool due to its excellent price/quality ratio.


    How does it work?

    Immediately after installing the app and activating your account with Feedback Company, reviews can be collected. You easily create your own customized review form in our portal by adding your desired questions. Your personalised invitation, which includes a link to your questionnaire, will be sent automatically to your new customers. Your customer will write a review on the purchased product and your company in general, which will be displayed on your website. Feedback Company will send the collected reviews to Google, therefore no further actions from you are needed.


    What features does the Feedback Company app offer?

    1. Easy to install with lightspeed.
    2. Trust widget.
    3. Reviews verified by Feedback Company.
    4. Portal with statistics and possibility to reply to your reviews
    5. Stars in Google; with both paid and organic search results.
    6. Company reviews
    7. Product reviews including photo in reviews.
    8. Question and Answer module.
    9. NPS & CES score.


    About Feedback Company

    Feedback Company is an international company established in the Netherlands and has been a Lightspeed partner since 2011. Feedback Company places high value on the constant development and maintenance of its features as they enable you to achieve better results using our tool.


    Note: Request a demo from Feedback Company to activate your account.

    Pricing can be found on our website.


    Support & Questions

    [email protected]


    Our manual is available here.