Facebook Conversions API

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Do you advertise with Facebook or Instagram?

Then the Facebook Conversions API connectior app is a must-have for you!


What is Facebook's Conversions API?


The Conversions API is a Facebook Business tool that allows you to share important web events and offline events or customer actions directly from your server with Facebook's servers. The Conversions API works in conjunction with your Facebook pixel to improve the performance and measurement of your Facebook ad campaigns.


Why this Lightspeed app?


Apple has made changes for iOS 14 that affects how Facebook receives and processes conversion events from tools such as the Facebook Pixel. Businesses that advertise mobile apps and businesses that optimize, target, and report on web conversion events through Facebook business tools are affected.


The Facebook aggregate event measurement feature, in conjunction with this app, can measure web events from iOS 14 devices. So install this app to make sure you can keep running ads and measure the performance of your campaigns.


What does the app do?


The important difference is that Conversions API works from the server instead of a browser. This means you are no longer dependent on cookies. This allows you to send conversion events to Facebook that iOS 14 and / or adblockers have no influence on.


You can use the Conversions API app in combination with this app for the following:


• Measure customer actions in several ways. For example, you can share delayed values, user scores or lead scores and use them for optimization in other Facebook business tools. This gives you more insight into the entire process of your customer.
• Improve the accuracy of data sent for targeting, measurement and optimization when used in addition to the pixel.
• Manage data shared by you. The Conversions API is designed to give you more control over the data you share and when you share it (if implemented separately from the pixel).


The app is therefore a must have if you advertise via Facebook and / or Instagram.


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