Exact Online Basis

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  • Save valuable time keeping your administration up-to-date
  • Automatic connection between your Lightspeed webshop and Exact Online
  • User-friendly and maintenance-free, you can get started in just five minutes



    “The automatic link between Lightspeed and Exact Online makes bookkeeping even easier, all your sales and details are automatically incorporated into your bookkeeping.”



    Why an Exact Online Basic connector?

    Bookkeeping for recording your turnover and VAT is a part of managing your website, of course, but with our app, you don’t have to manually re-enter client details and sales and your administration is a lot easier!


    How does the link work?

    Your webshop can be linked to your bookkeeping with just a couple of simple steps. Entirely automatically, the Exact Online Basic connector exchanges details between your webshop and your Exact Online bookkeeping. The details can be seen within a couple of minutes in Exact Online so that your bookkeeping is always entirely up-to-date.


    The Exact link synchronises the following details:

    • Lightspeed customers to accounts in Exact Online.
    • Lightspeed invoices to sales entries in Exact Online.


    Advantages of an Exact Online Business Connector

    • Save valuable time, you don’t have to re-enter your administration into Exact Online.
    • Easy to install and entirely maintenance-free, the link ensures that your administration in Exact Online is always up-to-date.
    • You always have access to your sales in Exact Online, your bookkeeping contains new details within a couple of minutes!


    About iWebDevelopment

    iWebDevelopment has now been active for five years as an eCommerce specialist connecting webshop platforms to external systems, providing finance, CRM and logistical solutions and more!

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