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Marketplace integration platform for top sellers


# 1 Customer-centric marketplace integration solution for growing e-commerce organizations, retailers, mark and wholesalers


  • Automatically sell your products on Bol.com, Beslist.nl, fonQ, Blokker.nl, VidaXL, LaRedoute, Amazon (uk, nl, de, sp, it, fr, pl) and other marketplaces in Europe
  • EffectConnect imports your orders into Lightspeed and updates prices and stock levels automatically
  • Use the smart Repricer or the fulfillment manager, so you have the best chance of winning the buy block.
  • Expand your sales channels and increase your revenue

Note: You can only use the marketplace integration platform EffectConnect if you have current product information in your Lightspeed store and one or more accounts at marketplaces. 



Why you want to work with EffectConnect


Developing integrations and optimizing automated sales via marketplaces has been our core business for over 10 years. We do this with great pleasure and find it very important to help our customers in the best way possible.


Right from our first contact moment, we help your organization to sell efficiently and we are ready to help you if you have any questions. It’s not without reason that we score very high on Customer Service (read the reviews of our customers and you know enough :)


Some of our key features are:


  • EffectConnect imports your orders from the marketplaces into Lightspeed every 10 minutes
    A complete order integration is available for every marketplace that you integrate via EffectConnect. The orders are automatically imported into your webshop via EffectConnect every 10 minutes and according to your rules. Because the orders are processed in the webshop, it doesn’t matter for your logistics process which marketplace the order comes from. The orders are processed in exactly the same way as the orders from your own webshop.


  • We update your stock level every 20 minutes
    The stock level in your webshop is always leading for the marketplaces you sell on. Due to the order integration, the stock level in your webshop is always updated when an order is placed. Every 20 minutes, EffectConnect automatically checks your stock status and sends the correct data to the marketplaces. EffectConnect ensures that the stock level, on all marketplaces you sell on, is updated when you’ve sold a product and sends entered track & trace codes back to the marketplace. This way you’ll prevent selling products you don’t have in stock and ensure increasing your ranking on the marketplace.


  • We update your prices every 20 minutes
    We check your prices three times an hour and update your prices on the marketplaces in case changes have been made. You don’t have to check and manually adjust the prices yourself.


  • Every 24 hours we update your entire product catalog on the marketplaces
    Every day we update your entire product catalog on the marketplaces, in case new products have been added to your marketplace environment or product information has been changed in your shop.


  • We offer a Repricer which can change your prices every 20 minutes
    We offer an advanced Repricer for Bol.com, Amazon, Blokker and fonQ. This Repricer scans the item prices that your competitors use on the marketplace every 20 minutes. Based on criteria that you determine yourself, the Repricer then automatically adjusts the product prices, based on the price changes of your competitors.


  • Automatically switch between own stock and stock at the marketplace
    As soon as you are out of stock at Delivery via Bol (LVB) or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), the Fulfillment manager automatically switches your stock level to your own stock location. Research by bol.com has shown that this allows you to sell up to 14x more of your own stock.


  • You can easily determine which products you offer on which marketplace and at what prices
    Fast, flexible and reliable, those are the keywords of our Channel Manager. This provides a lot of freedom in the processing of your content per marketplace and makes it easy for you to determine which products you offer at what price on which marketplace. Moreover, with the Channel Manager you can see exactly where you’ve made which change and whether your data has actually arrived at the marketplaces. It doesn't get any easier!


  • Feed Manager available to deliver, for example, feeds to Google Shopping
    Our Feed Manager makes it possible to generate feeds. Handy for quickly and efficiently delivering data to affiliate channels, but also handy if, for example, as a brand or wholesaler you want to share data in a smart way with partners such as retailers.




How does it work?

1. Install EffectConnect for Lightspeed

Just click on 'Install' and check which platforms you'd like to use during setup.


2. Select products

Select which products you want to sell on the chosen platform. With this app, you can sell products on Amazon that are known by the platform (based on EAN number). If you'd like to sell other products as well, please contact us!


For Bol.com however, you can use our app to add new products to the Bol.com catalogue. Make sure all your product content is available and you have valid EAN numbers.


3. Increase turnover

Start selling on the chosen platform, orders get imported into Lightspeed automatically!






We offer a variety of packages so we can of service to any type of organisation. You can take out a subscription for 129 euro per month, without any extra revenue fees. So whether you have an order of 433 euro or 1.299 euro, you will not notice anything of it in your subscription costs. 


Our subscriptions are flexible, so you can adjust them any time you like. This way, you will always have a subscription that fits your unique situation. Please contact us to discuss your situation and we'll offer you the most suitable package for your business: [email protected] or +31 (0)85 2088 432 or chat with us at www.effectconnect.com.



Extra information

With our mapping tool, you can easily add new products to the Bol.com catalogue. Make sure to have valid EAN numbers for the products you wish to add to the Bol.com catalogue. Currently, EAN codes need to be known at the respective Amazon marketplaces. This will become eminent after installation (you have a 30-day free trial).



Our support department is ready for all of your questions about the use of our software, suggestions or any other EffectConnect related questions. You can email us at [email protected] or give us a call at +31 (0)85 2088 434 or chat via effectconnect.com. Please also see our extensive documentation.