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  • Easily create data feeds from scratch or use a template from our library!
  • Share your product data in a simple way with partners, retail customers and channels such as Google Shopping.
  • No unexpected fees and great support is always included!
  • You only need a paid subscription once you start exporting feeds, until that moment you can try out our app for free!




Create a data feed in under 5 minutes!



Why use EffectConnect Feeds?


With our new and user-friendly Feed Manager you can create a new data feed in just 5 minutes. Select the right products for your feed with our powerful product selection tool and create new data to use in your feed with our advanced custom attributes. Feed done? Share it with your partners and retail customers. Looking for channels to publish your products on? Check out our template library to find feed templates for Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Criteo and many more!

Advertising on these feed based channels will increase the online visibility of your products and will attract traffic to your webshop. The feed manager, next to the marketplace solution by EffectConnect, adds extra channels to your webshop on which you can attract new customers.


How does it work?


Our Feed Manager enables you to go beyond your standard templates, data and rules.

You can:

  • Create custom attributes, which enables you to create new data based on every bit of product data in your catalog.
  • Control which products will be included in a feed with our powerful product selections.
  • Use all of the templates in our template library to jumpstart the feed creation for channels such as Google Shopping, Facebook and many more.
  • Use our software with an English or Dutch interface




We’re offering an unlimited All-you-can-Feed plan and, in case you don’t need that much, a Starter plan.


The All-you-can-Feed plan (79 Euro per month) offers:

  • Unlimited feed creation
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited custom attributes
  • Unlimited number of languages
  • Excellent support via email, phone or chat


The Starter plan (49 Euro per month) offers:

  • Up to 10 feeds
  • Up to 2500 products
  • Unlimited number of custom attributes
  • Unlimited number of languages
  • Excellent support via email, phone or chat


Try our Feed Manager now for free! You’ll only need a paid plan as soon as you’re ready to generate your live feeds.


About EffectConnect


EffectConnect is well known for its marketplace integration solution that we offer since 2014 for Lightspeed users and we’ve been building custom feeds from back in 2003!




Our users rate our support with a 9.8 and we’re very proud of that! When joining our family, you too can count on great support when using our products. You can get in touch via email at [email protected], via chat on our website or by phone at +31(0)859021855.