e-Boekhouden.nl - Connector

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  • Connecting your webshop to e-Boekhouden.nl
  • High Degree of automatization
  • The connector is completely free of charge!

    Disclaimer: This app is only available for Dutch merchants


    "Connecting your webshop to e-Boekhouden.nl"

    Why using the connector of e-Boekhouden.nl?

    With e-Boekhouden.nl you can connect your webshop to your accounting software. Using the free webshop connector all sales invoices will be processed automatically to your accounting, this includes corrected invoices. Like this you don’t need to do anything manually anymore. 


    If you maintain more than one webshop this is not a problem. In this case you can maintain one connector with e-Boekhouden.nl per webshop.

    How does it work?

    Working with e-Boekhouden.nl is a breath of fresh air. e-Boekhouden.nl is automated to such a degree that when you connect the software with your bank you can save loads of time. Via an import & export file or an automatic link with your bank all invoice payments, in which invoice number and amount match, will be booked automatically in your accounting.

    Advantages of e-Boekhouden.nl

    • Simple online VAT declaration en ICP-presentation
    • Professional and fast support via the helpdesk
    • Free access for your accountant
    • 24/7 access to your administration
    • No long term contract, can be cancelled on a monthly basis



    About e-Boekhouden.nl

    e-Boekhouden.nl is a very user-friendly. e-Boekhouden.nl works with an intuitive menu structure and friendly user interface. There is no accounting knowledge required to get started with e-Boekhouden.nl


    The accounting packages we have available are the accounting module and the invoicing module. The invoicing module includes ahour registration and an invoicing module. Using these you can you do the accounting yourself and create professional accounting invoices, in the style of your webshop. All the tools you need are ready for you. You can choose for the accounting module, the invoicing module or a combination of both.


    Costs of e-Boekhouden.nl

    Starting at €7,95 a month you can start using e-Boekhouden.nl! Are you a starting webshop owner? Then we got a special offer for you! During the first year as an entrepreneur you will receive the accounting module for free! Don’t wait any longer and get started with e-Boekhouden.nl



    Detailed documentation about the installation of the connector can be found at: https://secure.e-boekhouden.nl/handleiding/Handleiding_koppeling_SEOshop.pdf