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About Droppery


  • The dropshipping SaaS solution specialized in finding and connecting the right customers for suppliers and brands. 

  • Import new products to renew and expand your range. 

  • Choose from unique suppliers and automate the sales process through a direct link with the supplier(s).

  • A unique offer with more than 80,000 unique products from different suppliers in one platform.

  • Proactive, English-speaking, technical support: A (free!) Dutch, English and German support team.






''Combine stock with dropshipping''


About Droppery

With Droppery we ensure an optimal connection from product synchronization to automated order processing and we provide a new sales channel for our suppliers & brands.


We have a varied range of unique suppliers and brands for web shops. A user-friendly environment, with high margins, fast delivery times and quality products from reliable partners.


Note: We verify all webshops and you can only start selling after approval from the supplier. The supplier or brand always determines who may sell the products.


For retailers and web stores

It is sometimes difficult to know which products are popular and which suit your target group. For example, webshops have many existing and new customers where you want to respond to the need on a daily basis.

With Droppery you can easily start selling new products and increasing your range with multiple suppliers. This way you don't have to make a large investment immediately without knowing what the outcome will be.

This way you can invest your time in online marketing, email marketing and writing content and blogs to stimulate the sales of your new range.



Benefits for retailers and web stores:


  • Unique local and international assortment.

  • High Margins

  • User-friendly platform - Plug & Play.

  • A direct integration with your webshop.

  • High quality products.

  • Billing every 7 days.

  • Automation and no more manual work.

  • Generate more sales


For retailers and web stores

Are you interested in increasing your assortment from multiple suppliers? Register now via this link. Our experts will contact you shortly.




  1. Create a Droppery account.

  2. Enter your API credentials in 'Settings'.

  3. View suppliers and brands in the 'supplier overview'.

  4. Request a connection (link) by clicking on 'Connection request'.

  5. Choose from one of our Subscriptions! These start from € 19,- per month Prices.

  6. Import your products and make them visible in your Lightspeed webshop.

  7. Happy Selling!



The Droppery team will contact you after you create an account to discuss your plans! If you can't wait for that, you can of course always reach us by phone, or by email.


Contact us on +31 20 210 1895 or send an email to [email protected]



All prices, as shown below, can be found on our website.