Disqus Integration: comments & reviews

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  • Increase traffic, engage your visitors and collect valuable feedback
  • Disqus is the world's favorite discussion platform
  • Approved by the Google Search Quality team



    "Every month, Disqus reaches 700 million people through its connected platforms"


    Why Disqus?

    Disqus is used by some of the largest names across the web. Every month, Disqus’ connected platform reaches over 700 million people, which makes it the world’s favorite discussion platform. Disqus drives real engagement and traffic on websites. With a few quick steps, you can upgrade your store with a new way to engage your visitors.


    How does it work?

    Disqus is designed to be easy for both commenters and readers. We designed the platform to be clutter-free, which keeps people's eyes focused on the discussion itself. The recognizable Disqus user experience is trusted by millions, and the design beautifully adapts to your website’s look.


    SEO optimized

    Disqus is fully indexable for search engines out-of-the-box. It have been approved by the Google Search Quality team to be organically crawled unlike any other comment platform.


    Loyal communities

    Beyond the discussion, Disqus helps you understand and build a better community. Navigate over to the community view to see a glimpse of a store’s active audience. Seamless everything is built into the Disqus system so that your visitors never have to leave your website. Reactivation build loyalty with real-time social notifications and email notifications.


    Extra benefits of Disqus?

    • Adapts to your site's look and feel
    • No custom CSS


    Extra information

    • Available in English only. (Translation support coming soon!)
    • Installation process always requires adding app code to your template/theme manually. If you'll have any difficutles please feel free to contact our support team and we'll be happy to install app for you.



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