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  • DeliveryMatch offers your customer options to select delivery date, delivery time, same day delivery and droff off/pick up points
  • Ability to save logistics costs via real time integration with your webshop checkout, ERP and/or WMS system, options to control your logistic operation and automatic rating/selection of carriers and servicelevels
  • Connectivity with 350 carriers worldwide directly in your ERP/WMS system and/or webshop checkout




    "The most complete shipping system with advantages for your business and your customer"



    Why DeliveryMatch?

    DeliveryMatch is the most complete Delivery Management Systeem (DMS). Connection with 350 carriers and drop off point providers directly in your webshop checkout, WMS and/or ERP system! The unique real time calculation of shipping options, delivery options and shipping costs enables you to save costs via management control on your logistic operations and at the same time it makes your customers happy with reliable shipping and delivery options and execution of the shipping. Review our demo here and see what our system does in the front end of a webshop. more information on our webshop


    Advantages of using DeliveryMatch

    For the consumer

    • Delivery options: selecting delivery day, time frame or same day based on warehouse capacity, postalcode, country, transit times and routes, etc;
    • Option for using dropp off/pick up points of carriers, if needed multiple carrier pick up points can be integrated at the same time;
    • Option to pick up at one of youre offline stores;
    • Option to select consolidated or partial deliveries when not all stock is available (if you want to offer this).


    For you as an online, offline or multichannel retailer or wholesaler

    • Check when orders can be shipped;
    • Check if orders can or must be shipped consolidated or as partial deliveries;
    • Check which warehouse(s) must ship the order. If products of the order are in multiple warehouses (for example dropshipping) the system will manage the execution of the order in the correct way;
    • It real time calculates which carriers and servicelevels are applicable for shipping and delivery based on the actual order information (for example; pallet, parcel, mail);
    • It real time calculates the buy and sell shipping rates based on the actual order information in the correct currency;
    • It real time calculates which delivery moments and/or locations are applicable based on the actual order information;
    • It reduces the number of orders that cannot be delivered at the first drop attempt. Because of this a significant delivery cost reduction is possible;
    • It executes the shipping process fully automated;
    • It verifies country, address and postalcode of the shipments;
    • It executes the booking of shipments at the carriers, generation of the shipping label, track & tracé information and the POD;
    • It executes the bookings and operational execution of return shipments;
    • It enables real time reporting of the status of your shipments and executes reports;
    • It sends tracking e-mails and if needed text messages to your customers on behalf of and in the look&feel of your company;
    • It generates commercial invoices and extra shipping labels for Non-EU shipments;
    • If needed it connects with your ERP and/or WMS system or the systems of your fulfilment partner;
    • It enables you to use your offline stores as pick up point and warehouse;
    • It enables you to execute the invoice matching of  carrier invoices; 
    • It takes control on the logistic processess, because of that they become reliable;
    • If needed it influences your customer to chooze delivery options that are optimal for your warehouse and distribution operation via shipping rate differentiation. Because of this your logistic costs will be reduced significant;
    • Further more there are many options, please feel free to tell us your needs.


    Extra information DeliveryMatch

    • Over 350 carriers and drop off/pick up point organizations connected via one system;
    • DeliveryMatch offers connection with carriers like; PostNL, Dynalogic, DHL, BPost, GLS, DPD, B2C Europe, TNT, UPS, Fedex, Transmission, etc;
    • DeliveryMatch offers connection with drop off/pick up organizations like; PostNL Pakjegemak, Kiala, UPS Accesspoints, DHL Servicepoints, De Buren, BPost, GLS etc;
    • Option to set up your own carrier/courier service and generate your own shipping label;
    • Option to set up your offline stores as pick up points.



    Implementation costs are mainly depending on the number of carriers you want to use and the number of countries you want to ship to. We will provide you with the cost information upfront. Operational costs are € 55,00 per month up to 175 shipments. Above 175 shipments you pay a rate per shipment of which the amount is depending on the volume volume. 



    Please send us a message via support-request. We will contact you within 2 hours on working days between 0900h-1800h. Outside this timeframe we contact you within 4 hours. All documents and instructions for using the system are available in your system account of the DMS.