Cashaca Online Boekhouden

€2,95 / mensuel
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Connection with Cashaca

The app makes a connection between Lightspeed and Cashaca online accounting. Attention: this accounting software is specifically for the Belgium.


Online accounting with Cashaca

With the online Cashaca accounting software you can manage a simplified version of your accounting as required by Belgian legislation. This is the easiest form of accounting for self-employed entrepreneurs with a turnover of less than €500,000 a year. Cashaca is not compatible with accounting for medium or large enterprises.


Cashaca contracts

If you want to use this app you are required to have a Cashaca account (account is made via the installation of the app). The first four months are a free trial without obligations. If after the trail you decide to continue using the app the costs are as follows:


  • Starter: 24 euro/month (Companies witout VAT obligations, 60 bookings per month)
  • Standard: 37 euro/month (60 bookings per month)
  • Plus: 59 euro/month (150 bookings per month) 


With each contract you get free technical support and a free fiscal helpline. A modern web browser is enough to start using Cashaca. Cashaca can be used on Windows, Mac and Linus operating systems.


Do your own accounting without an expensive accountant

By avoiding the accounting jargon and focusing on clear and user friendly input screens Cashaca becomes ideal for independent entrepreneurs that want to do their own accounting without an expensive accountant.


Book purchase and sales invoices without in depth accounting knowledge

With the user friendly input screens you can easily enter the necessary information without getting lost in unnecessary accounting functions or codes. You can also add invoices as attachments to your bookings. Like this you will avoid errors and you will be able to recover the information at the click of a button.


Do VAT declarations with one click

Cashaca automatically calculates your VAT declarations so that you can forward these without any problems to the authorities. On top of that you will receive and email when the VAT deadline is nearing. 


Other features

  • Invoicing
  • Quotations
  • Send purchase invoices automatically to your accounting
  • Group your sales into categories