Bon App

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  • Immediate access to thousands of customers
  • Focus on your customer relationship and data
  • Benefit from our automated campaigns to generate more revenue with your existing and new customers. 

    What is Bon App?

    Bon supports to make the shopping experience better. It gives your shop the super powers that bigbox retailers have. A large audience, a toolset to retain and attract customers. All of that with the focus on the consumer. For the consumer, it is easier to have all of its orders in a single place, and manage the returns and coupons; all in a single place, Bon! 


    As merchant, you have the option activate certain campaings to attract and retain existing and new customers. A win-win situation on a no-cure-no-pay basis. 


    Why should you use the Bon App? 

    Did you know that on average, only 15-20% of your customers return and place an additional order? 


    Wist je dat gemiddeld maar 15-20% van de klanten, meerdere bestellingen plaatsen? This while every customer is 10-15x more likely to place a repeat order after a good experience? On marketplaces, these averages are much higher. Who's the winner there? The marketplace, they often earn more than the web store itself. That is wrong! 


    That's why we set up Bon, with the goal of offering the same experiences and features, at a fairer price. Are you doing well as an online store? (Service, satisfaction etc) then you should be rewarded for that in your commission. Is a customer coming back? Then you have also done something right, and you get a discount on commission. In this way we create a joint goal, more customers and more repeat orders.



    1. Click on Apple App Store / Google Play Store
    2. Signup your account
    3. Connect your website
    4. Check the activated campaigns


    In need of assistance? 

    Questions, suggestions, ideas or feedback? Feel free to reach out to [email protected]