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  • Offer your customers comfort during their payments via Billink
  • Post-payment is the perfect method to convince your customers to buy
  • Increase conversion: no more abandoned carts


    "Increase your conversion rate with 20% (on average) with post-payments"

     About us

    Billink is the pioneer on the area of post-payments; the innovative payment solution for the online retail industry. With the reliable knowledge of over 11.6 million Dutch consumers and companies, Billink is your number one post-payment solution. Safe, reliable, quick... and Dutch!


    The left shopping cart has become a pastime. Optimize your payment process with Billink. Post-payment is THE method to convince your customers. Billink offers you a safe solution to realize this increase of your turnover.


    Why post-payments with Billink?

    • Higher conversion: Offering post-payments leads to a significant increase of your turnover. Online purchases are more impulsive, at which there is often no possibility to immediately pay for the order.
    • Guarantee up to € 2500: Depending on your desires, Billink practically excludes the risk for non-payment by guaranteeing payments. The guaranteed payment for B2B is up to € 2500; for B2C up to € 500.
    • Average acceptance of 87/90%: In order to enable as many customers to use this technology, we use a smart technology for a reliable credit check.
    • No annual contracts or subscriptions: With Billink, you can always join and leave whenever you want for maximum flexibility.
    • Low cost: Billink handles very sharp rates. You do not pay provision for low order values! Please ask for the conditions.


    How does paying with Billink work?

    1. At the payment page, your customer selects payment option “Billink Post-Payment”. The customer is asked to enter some extra details when the order form contains sufficient details to perform a sound credit check. 
      Please note: Billink checks the details online and real-time for credibility. If your customer does not apply for post-payment, your customer has a direct possibility to pay for the order with another payment method.
    2. The order is accepted when your customer has been checked and accepted. You ship the product and Billink sends the invoice. Billink is then responsible for the payment.
    3. Your customer has to settle the invoice within 14 days. This invoice can be settled by means of a bank transfer or iDEAL from the mail.


    Our rates are always determined per web shop. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] to receive an offer.



    Please contact Billink at [email protected]or call 003110-4141473 for questions and support regarding Billing Post-Payment..