Automated Google AdWords & Google Shopping Management

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  • Financial Management: Measure and guard margins and profitability off all your products & monitor all sales live & Exponential Growth: On average 800% more revenue (turn every euro into 8 euros!)
  • AdWords Automation: Professional AdWords are created automatically for every product in your webshop. We take into account:  the best margins, supply and above all profitability
  • Big Data: Collecting Big Data allows us to show your potential customer the highest converting ad, at the right time at the right place for exponential growth.


    "Boost your profit exponential with automated AdWords campagnes for every product."

    Why Global Marketing University - Big Data Financial Management app?

    Once you connect the app to your webshop, it will generate dynamic ads for all your products. Textads with dynamic and realtime content, such as price, color, size and inventory information are automatically generated through the app. Save hundreds of hours creating and managing AdWords campaigns. When an item is no longer in stock, the ad will not be running until the item can be sent out again. AdWords budget will be automatically shifted to ads which are extremely effective.

    Generate more than 500.000 keywords, 100.000 sitelinks, 25.000 ads and 7.500 campaigns for a general webshop, with no extra time spent, to grow your profit fast. The app is a tool that comes with the services of GMU.

    How does it work?

    Install the app, get a scan of all your products and financial data, and we'll call you before the end of the trialperiode for a free financial consult.

    Global Marketing University – Big Data Financial Management app:

    • AdWords API connection
    • Save time creating campaigns, ads and keywords
    • Advertise in Google Search for more exposure and conversion than Google Shopping
    • Create hundreds and hundreds of relevant ads, without hassle.


    About Global Marketing University

    Our AdWords team spent over 4 years creating this technique. We are always looking for the best results and technology to make AdWords campaigns more effective for our clients.



    The app requires little to no installation. Do you still have questions? Please contact us at [email protected]