AdWords Robot & Google Shopping

€299,00 / mensuel
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  • Optimise your AdWords campaigns of your Lightspeed webstore
  • AdWords Robot is advanced software to help with getting you the highest ROI (return on investment) with AdWords
  • Save time because AdWords Robot handles your whole AdWords journey


    “Achieve the highest AdWords ROI (return on investment with) AdWords Robot”

    Why AdWords Robot?


    AdWords Robot manages the Google AdWords for your Lightspeed webstore. Get the highest AdWords ROI with the help of the advanced technology of AdWords Robot. Selling more is the only thing that counts.


    Want to know how your account performance now? Receive a FREE AdWords Evaluation Report with details about your AdWords account.


    How does it work?


    AdWords Robot takes over the whole AdWords route or completes this. Our services consists of the following:


    • Helping with connecting all needed Google accounts (Search Console/Webmaster Tools, Analytics, AdWords, Merchant)
    • Creating necessary XML feeds

    • Setup and manage Google Shopping

    • Setup up and manage AdWords campaigns (see next title for type of campaigns)

    • Optimize campaigns mentioned above, including conversion optimisation, advert optimisation, etc., (included service)

    • Monitoring campaigns and budgets


    Which campaigns will AdWords put up for you?


    The following campaigns are interesting for a webstore, according to our experience. That’s why we wrote down this campaign at any rate. Other options are looked up case by case:


    • Google Shopping

    • Campaigns for all categories

    • Campaigns for all products

    • Manage negative keywords

    • Campaigns on products and category level

    • Branded campaigns


    Costs and trial time


    AdWords Robot services cost €299,- a month (with an adspend up to €5000), including creating, maintenance, and optimisation of AdWords campaigns. The costs for clicks of Google words are collected by Google.


    In most cases the setup fee is €299,-. If extended setup is required, then the setup fee can be up to €499,-.


    The monthly fee is per month per website and per language/country. Advertising in UK and Germany will cost double.


    After the installation we will make sure all the campaigns are brought online within the trial time (14 days). During this time no costs shall be charged. After the trial time Lightspeed will start charging.


    If the store is new and doesn't have that much sale data, then we need at least 4 months of running time.


    Below the management feed table:


    AdWords SpendManagement fee
    €0 - €5,000 €299
    €5,000 – €10,000 €499
    €10,000 – €15,000 €699
    €15,000 – €20,000 €899
    €20,000 – €25,000 €1099
    Contact us if your spend is above €25,000





    If you cancel the App within 6 months, we require you to remove all campagins we setup duting that time. The reason for this is amount of work we do in the beginning to get everything started and we don't want people to get advantage of the work we do in the beginning and cancelling the service within some weeks.



    About AdWords Robot


    AdWords Robot is a technical marketing agency. We develop advanced software which helps us achieve the highest ROI with AdWords.


    Extra information


    After installing the App you have the possibility to turn off the App free of charge within 14 days. Our services are the most convenient for webstores with the following profile:


    • 300+ products or a smaller but more popular collection

    • AdWords budget of minimum €2500 a month


    If you do not qualify for this but you still want to optimise your AdWords campaign, send an email to [email protected] and we will look at your webstore together.




    Questions or comments? We would be delighted to help. Call us at: +31-857-602-270 (NL) / +44-330-808-3242 (UK) or send an email: [email protected]. For more information check AdWords for Lightspeed.