Abandoned Cart Recovery

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  • Automatically convert abandoned shopping carts into orders
  • Remind visitors of their abandoned shopping cart
  • Immediately increase your revenues with this app


    Note: For older shops: Ensure that you have selected some checkout method in the Lightspeed backend. For this, go to Settings/Checkout.


    Why 'Abandoned Shopping Cart'?

    Research shows that on average 74% of all filled shopping carts are lost. Think about that. For every 100 potential customers, 74 will leave your webshop without buying. How much more revenue would you generate if you could convince these customers to buy with you?

    With the ‘Abandoned Shopping Cart’ app, you can now give your customers a second chance to buy. A customer finds, for example, a great product in your shop and certainly has the intention to buy. However, at the last checkout page, he starts to doubt. Perhaps he could not find his credit card, or maybe he suddenly had to leave the computer. This is where ‘Abandoned Shopping Cart’ comes into the picture. Without you having to do anything, ‘Abandoned Shopping Cart’ will remind the customer by email a short time later about his order and ask him to come back to complete the order. This raises revenues!

    How does it work?

    The app is simple to link with Lightspeed. At various time intervals, we ensure that your customers are reminded by email about their abandoned shopping cart. By default, we include the contents of the shopping cart and a link to your webshop (with filled shopping cart) in the email text. You can further design the content of the email yourself to convince your customers to place the order. This can, for example, be by offering a discount code or by starting the email with the customer’s first name (by means of merge fields). The customer can then easily complete the order. We track all statistics in the Combidesk dashboard, including the total number of e-mails sent, known or unknown sender, conversion to order, etc.


    • Sender email address is updateable
    • Your company name is updateable
    • Subject of the email is updateable
    • Different time intervals
    • Statistics for all sent emails
    • Show prices in emails incl/excl VAT (wholesale)
    • You receive a copy of every email sent to your customers in your own inbox
    • Google Analytics tracking - view klicks coming from the abandoned cart email




    We love feedback! For questions and support on the Abandoned Cart Recovery app you can contact Combidesk via [email protected].

    Terms of Use

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    About Combidesk

    Combidesk develops easy to use and time saving connectors for Lightspeed. Our connectors are installed in a matter of minutes. We build app very quickly so if there is a specific connector you would like tell us about it here.



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